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Justin Stewart

5 minute read

Just like any medium for music, there is only so much space you can use to transcribe music onto. Vinyl records share the same limitation and can represent a limited playtime accurately.

Justin Stewart

6 minute read

I pulled out a record today that has been in storage for a few months, and I was sorely disappointed in the amount of surface noise. To get the most of your records, cleaning your records is a must.

Justin Stewart

7 minute read

I just recently moved to a new home, and I knew it was going to be hot. I was terrified that my vinyl collection could warp through the journey. After some research, this is what I found and what you can do to prevent warping.

Hey, I'm Justin

I've been caught by the vinyl bug after the big resurgence over the past few years. I've been happily discovering music and groups that was "before my time." Growing an appreciation for vinyl and the practice of caring and growing my collection.